Countryman E6 Earset Microphone, Shure TAF-4 Connector

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A great headworn microphone for stage presenters.



Nearly Invisible

Countryman Earsets are the smallest, lightest, and least visible head-worn microphones.


The E6 detachable connector makes cable or transmitter changes easy.

Rugged and Reliable

The E6 Earset’s stainless steel, boom is incredibly tough and can be bent and re-bent many times to fit different performers. The E6 is highly resistant to makeup, sweat and moisture when used with the supplied protective caps. The aramid-reinforced cable and braided RF shielding are ready for years of service in demanding environments.

Ultra Lightweight

With a weight of .07 oz the E6 Earset is as light as it gets! You‘ll forget it’s even there.