Relax.  We’re In Charge.

Running an event is stressful enough without having to also worry about running a live show.    That’s where our show managers come in– attending to all of the details involved in running a smooth show, to free you up to properly attend to donors, presenters, board members, and other VIPs, and attend to all of the other details involved in running a successful event.

We Keep Your Show Running Smoothly, On Schedule.

Starting weeks before the show, our show managers will begin working with you to understand all of the many details that will go into making your show a smooth-running success.  Who’s speaking?  What presentations will be shown?  Are we showing video clips?  Are presenters teleconferencing or skype-ing in?    We place all of this data into a shared run of show document which is updated in real-time as changes are made.  

On show day, our speaker ambassadors help track down presenters, get updated versions of their presentations, help speakers test out their presentations, and make sure that everyone is ready and mic’d up when it’s time for them to go on stage.   Our show managers also re-calculate the day’s schedule in response to the inevitable changes caused by speakers running over, arriving late, and so forth.

All of our staff and your staff can refer to this constantly updated schedule on their ipads, cell phones, or laptops, so that we all function as one well-oiled machine.

Ready to talk to one of our event consultants about how we can make your next event stress-free?  Give us a call today!