Steadicam Teleprompter

By Services

Do you want to do a walk-and-talk but your talent needs a teleprompter to properly deliver their lines?   We offer a steadicam-mounted teleprompter system to allow you to do just that!

Unlike some Steadicam teleprompter rigs that use a prompter located above, below or to the side of the lens, our rig uses a true beamsplitter teleprompter (so the talent is looking right at the lens while reading) using an iPad as a display.  The iPad’s 9.5″ screen allows talent to be up to 10-12 feet from the camera.

The teleprompter operator, director, and audio are generally located out of the way of the shot, up to 100 feet from where the talent and steadicam is located.   Audio from wireless lavalier mics can be routed to a separate audio recorder or to the camera, and then relayed to the prompter operator and director.  Prompter operator can use their existing prompting system; the VGA or composite video output from the prompter is encoded and sent via wi-fi to the prompter on our rig.   Director, clients, and producers can watch the shot in real-time on our 17″ HD-SDI monitor which is located out of the way of the shot.  Since the feed from the camera is full 3G-SDI with zero latency, our steadicam teleprompter can be used for live switched shoots.


Tech notes on driving the teleprompter remotely