Vertex VX-351-AG Two Way Radio (UHF)

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Vertex two way radios are powerful and built for durability. The Vertex VX-351-AG7B-5 UHF radio offers 5 watts of transmit power and support for 16 channels. Channel scan and monitor functions are also supported. These professional radios offer a great value and provide a high level of performance and reliability.

The VX-351-AG comes standard with a 2300mAh Lithium-Ion battery, which has an exceptional battery life of over 11 hours – even with the battery saver function turned off. A rapid battery charger also comes standard with the VX-351-AG.

Need headsets or extra chargers? A full line of accessories are available for Vertex radios, including: rapid chargers, high capacity batteries, shoulder mics, and option boards.

The VX-351-AG is equipped with an option port that expands the versatility of the radio. Functions such as simple inversion or rolling code encryption, DTMF paging decoder and MDC1200 or GE-Star ANI encoder are only accessible through the installation of optional boards. For your convenience, expansion boards can be purchased through us.

The VX-351-AG UHF radio operates on UHF frequencies which is better suited for inside steel or concrete structures.