JFGH Gala Videos

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Filming an interview with one of the key program sponsors in their home.

DuoMedia Productions has chosen us to DP the gala videos that they produce for the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes in Rockville, MD.   JFGH is a organization that runs homes for persons with disabilities and their MOST program helps them develop job skills.   These videos are shown at the large gala fundraiser that they hold each year.  The video is designed to introduce the attendees to the program and are a key part of the fundraising strategy.

We first met producers Karen and Brian Pennington on the set of the Rise of the Fellowship movie, and were impressed by their professionalism and ability to tell a story through film.  We’ve collaborated with them on a number of projects since that time.   If you’re looking for a local production company to help tell the story of your organization, you should definitely check out their company at Duomediaproductions.com.


crew picture

Production crew for the JFGH gala video