The Rise of the Fellowship Film

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steadicam hard mount

Chris, with a steadicam hard mount, preparing to film a motorcycle scene.  Jason (L) built the mount, and Tyler (R) is 1AC.

The Rise of the Fellowship film is due to be released (DVD and VOD) on December 3, 2013!  It’s been a long road, and we’re so proud of Ron Newcomb and the rest of the producers who have seen this locally-produced feature film from concept to release.

Chris, preparing the crane

Chris, preparing the crane

Working on this feature was important for us — not only because gave us a chance to get some great Steadicam and Crane shots, and push the limits of the RED One — but because it helped us forge some great working relationships with some very talented and passionate local film makers.

Having been on set with these folks for 24 long days with very little sleep, and a very tight budget, we know exactly who we want on our team when we’re crewing up for a demanding, high-pressure, high-stakes shoot.  Since the production of this film, we’ve worked with members of the crew to shoot reality shows, concerts, sports tournaments, corporate videos, gala videos, numerous short films, and much more.

There will be a more official trailer out closer to the release date.  In the meantime, the only publicly released footage is an early version of the trailer:


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