US Ambassador Berry Welcome Video

Interface Media has chosen us to provide Steadicam shots of US ambassadors for a series of videos designed to introduce the host country and the embassy staff to newly appointed US ambassadors.

The ambassadors are busy people, with little time for repeated takes.  We do our best to keep things moving along smoothly: being as prepared as possible, and blocking and rehearsing shots before the ambassadors arrive on site.  We provide our directors with real-time monitoring systems so that they can watch the Steadicam shot in real-time, and know immediately if we got a good take so that we can quickly move on to the next shot.   The real-time client monitoring eliminates the delay of parking the rig and playing back footage while the talent is still on set.

Technical: We filmed the Steadicam footage of Ambassador Berry at the World War II memorial in Washington DC.  Filmed on a Panasonic AF-100, flown on a Steadicam Master Series Rig.



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