Steadicam Master Series Rig

By Camera Support

The content on this page has been marked as out-of-date as we have improved our Steadicam gear and services since this post was written.  

If you’re looking for skilled Steadicam operators who have experience working national television shows for major networks, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help! 


We’ve used this very sturdy rig to fly RED Epics, RED Ones, Full Size Broadcast cameras, as well as smaller cameras including DSLRs.    We have a full complement of weight plates and cages to support a wide range of camera weights, from 0 to 30+ pounds.

We have a full set of wireless transmission systems to allow directors and client to monitor the shot in real-time, or to use the shot as part of a live switched production, in the field, or in the studio.

We also have a teleprompter system which will allow your talent to do a prompted “walk and talk” shot, which can add a great deal of production value to your piece.

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