RED Epic

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Note: This post is out of date.  While we loved shooting on the Red Epic, we’ve since moved on to many different kinds of cameras in our work. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to take down this post as it brings back lots of good memories from our RED Epic shoots.   Having said that, we can still help you put together a very competent crew for your project.   Give us call to discuss your requirements and we’ll let you know how we can help you out!


Chris preparing the RED Epic for a Steadicam shoot

Chris preparing the RED Epic for a Steadicam shoot



5K sensor.  Raw Footage.  18 stops of Dynamic Range.  120 frames per second.  What more can we say?  The RED Epic is one of our favorite cameras for shooting any sort of narrative when you’ve got a moderate budget and want the footage to look absolutely stunning, or you want some jaw-dropping slow motion effects.

We can provide a complete RED outfit including the Epic, prime lenses, matte boxes, monitors, media management, on-set color grading, proxy servers for Lightiron Liveplay and Todailies clip review functions.  We have wireless Teradek Bolt transmitters which allows a zero delay 3G-SDI feed back to video village, even when flying on Steadicam, and Teradek Cube transmitters which can provide a live feed to iPads on set.

We can provide DPs, 1ACs, special effects supervisors and DITs who are all very familiar with the RED Epic workflow, especially when being used to shoot plates for VFX (special effects) work.