One Camera Conference Package

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Note: This gear list is somewhat outdated since we now have so many different cameras we use on shoots, and a lot more lighting options, including LED Lekos.  If you need someone to film a conference for you, please contact us and we’ll tell you what we think is the best gear for your requirements and budget. 

Standard One-Camera Conference Package with Broadcast Camera – 70 foot throw (Washington, DC)

This basic shooting package is ideal for presentations where there is one or two speakers who present from one podium, with or without powerpoint slides, and where the distance from the camera to the podium is 70 feet or less.  This package will NOT capture the on-screen presentation– it is primarily designed for in-house presentations where you will have access to the original PowerPoint presentation and can ask the presenter if you have any questions about where to cut in slide transitions.

Camera Operator/DP and Grip

One experienced conference camera operator/DP who is familiar with shooting and lighting conference videos.

One experienced grip to help with setup and breakdown, and help the DP during the shoot as needed.


Panasonic HPX-2000 full-size HD camcorder with a wide angle HD lens, or a Panasonic HPX-370 camcorder.  These cameras can shoot for any broadcast standard: 1080/50i, 1080/60i, 720p30, 720p25, NTSC, PAL, and about 25 more modes.  They have professional HD-SDI connections to facilitate connection to a live streaming encoder.  Tapeless workflow using Panasonic P2 cards for rapid ingest means that your footage can be on the web very quickly.

Tripods (or “sticks,” as we call them)

Media – as much P2 media as is needed

HD Monitor

HD monitors help us achieve optimum exposure and focus.


XLR cables to bring the audio signal from the PA system mixer to our cameras.


We provide enough lights to create a small pool of light around the podium without having much light spill onto the projection screen. This allows you to dim the lights in the venue to allow for better viewing of the projected slides, while maintaining enough light on the speaker to get a good video recording.

Qty 2 – 650W Fresnel w/barn doors

Qty 1- 1000W Fresnel w/barn doors

Qty 2 – 150W Pepper w/barn doors, diffusion

Qty 2 – Dimmer packs

5 light Stands, sandbags, extension cords, and diffusion for the above lights.

Data Transfer and Backup

Includes use of a P2 card reader.  After the shoot, we can plug in your laptop to our reader and transfer the raw P2 footage to your hard drive(s).   Alternatively, if you’re in a rush to get home and don’t need the footage immediately, we can transfer the footage to an external hard drive and send it to you via express courier.   If requested, we can also maintain a copy of your files on our system until you verify that all of the files have made it safely to your office.


We provide $1M general liability insurance for all of our operations,  and statutory workers compensation for our employees and subcontractors.


Microphone, Mixer and PA Package

Save money by having us handle all your audio/PA needs!

Includes Audio Engineer, Mixer, Powered Speakers, Speaker Mics and Audience Mics.

Package includes:

Qty 1 – Audio Mixing Board

Qty 2 – Wireless Lav mics for presenter(s).  One is used for the speaker at the podium, the second one is used for the next speaker in line.

Qty 1 – Podium Mic, wired.

Qty 2 – Wireless Audience Handheld Mics with stands, for Q&A.  Can be used at the stands or passed around to questioners.  Helps ensure that the audience questions are recorded to the video.

Qty 1 – Direct Box for interfacing with audio output from presenter’s laptop or iphone.  This allows a presenter to play a video on their laptop and have the audio routed through the PA system.

Qty 2- JBL EON Powered Speakers and stands

XLR cables and power for all the above.


On-Site Editor/DIT with Portable Edit Suite

Great for footage that needs to go to air immediately.   As we shoot, an editor is on site assembling footage and transmitting it back to your news room to go on air.

“Film and Fly” with a Hard Drive Recorder

Great for producers on tight schedules who need to catch a plane or train as soon as the shoot is over, and don’t want to wait for footage to transfer. At the end of the shoot, we hand you a hard drive and you go hop into your waiting cab.   We use Sound Devices PIX 240i and Atmos Samurai recorders to record the footage directly into ProRes (which is instantly editable in Final Cut Pro) or DNxHD (which is instantly editable in Avid or Premiere).   Of course, we also record to the P2 cards in the camera and keep a backup on our system until you confirm that all the footage made it safely back to your office.


Helps speed up the setup and breakdown process.